3 Reasons Why You should Pursue Your Dream Job

There is one question that everyone should ask themselves at some point in their career. Are you happy? This one question may lead to others like, "Are you satisfied with your current job?" and "Are you pleased with how often they give raises?"

The questions can go on and on! But if you answered no to any of these, it is time to self-reflect about your career. At a certain point when you started your career, did you ever have a dream job? Your dream job could be working for someone else doing what you love or having your own business and being your own boss.

Let’s chat about 3 reasons why you should pursue your dream job:

You will be much happier! 

Think about it. We are at our jobs more than we are at home. That is unless you work from home, but you get what I mean. If most of your life is spent working or working on starting your own business, wouldn’t you want it to be doing something you love or don’t mind doing because, well, it makes you happy to do it every day? If you have all the tools you need and support to do something that rewards you with happiness. It’s worth going for!

It won’t be a struggle to show up every day.

Dreading a job that drains you is awful. It’s never too late to make a career shift. Brainstorm a dream board with careers you would love. Update your resume to show the skills you will need. Connect with someone already in that industry to decide if it’s a good career choice. 

Being successful motivates you.

Have you ever had a delicious meal in front of you? And you take that first bite which tastes fantastic. So you keep eating and eating and eating until you're full? Imagine being at your dream job, and you get that little bit of success. Then you think, okay, I want more success because this was great, especially if it brought in more money. But you don’t want to stop because success is so rewarding. 

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