4 Hacks To Get A Second Interview

Getting a second interview is the best feeling in the world because it means the interviewer(s) were impressed with your first interview. But impressing them in that first interview is critical. Below are 4 hacks to get a second interview.

  • Efficiently prepare for the first interview. 
  • This means you have studied the resume that got you the interview. Ensure that you remember all of your past jobs and tasks you did. Next, figure out what you want to wear. Be very professional but also show your personality. During the T. Lassiter Services Interview coaching session, we help you prepare for all of this by researching the company to figure out their culture so that you can determine if the company fits your values and lifestyle. We also create questions that the interviewer may ask and prepare your answers. Lastly, we develop questions for you to ask at the end of the interview. 

  • If you are nervous, try not to show it. 
  • Soon as you walk into the interview or log in to the zoom call, you want to exude confidence. You’ve already studied and prepared, right? Use your nervousness to fuel your confidence. You want this job so bad that you express how much you can bring to this company with your expertise and skillset. Sell yourself! 

  • Give scenarios of how you are prepared when issues come up 
  • Always stay a step ahead. Maybe give the interview(s) an example from a past job where an issue arises and how you handled it. Make sure to explain your skills and how you utilized them to fix the problem.

  • Send a “Thank You” Email
  • In my last blog article, I discuss how important sending a “Thank You” email is 24 hours after your interview. According to a survey by Top Resume, “68% of hiring managers say ungrateful job seekers are jeopardizing their candidacy.” All because they didn’t send a “Thank You” email. Please reference my last blog for further details on how to write the email. 

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