5 Ways to Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Raise

You would be amazed at how many of my clients haven’t gotten a raise in years. They have been so comfortable at their jobs they don’t want to “rock the boat.” They just wait to see if their employer will offer it to them. Part of the reason is people think they don’t have a right to ask because their skillset isn’t deserving. Every time T. Lassiter Services updates a resume, they are shocked at how many skills they have once it’s explained and appropriately listed for them to see it. Once your resume is updated, there are 5 other ways you can increase your chances of getting a raise. 


  • Find out your companies policies on raises. 
  • When performance reviews are conducted, do they generally give raises at the end of the year? Or does your job give raises depending on how the company profits at the time?

  • Offer to help your manager with tasks you know you can handle
  • Doing this puts you at the forefront of their minds and increases your chances of getting a great performance review. Also, the best part of doing this is you get to learn some of the tasks your manager does and if they get promoted, guess what? They will mention your name to replace them. And that’s what? A SALARY INCREASE! YAY!

  • Come into work earlier.
  • I know you are like, umm say what? LOL yeah, clocking in early consistently goes a long way. It shows your dedication to the job and how you want to catch up on emails or start a task before your shift starts. Just think about it. It’s all for the greater good! 

  • Ask your manager and watch their response.
  • This will tell you all you need to know about whether you should ask for a raise or start applying to other jobs. It’s that simple!

  • Think of other things to negotiate if the answer is “no” once you ask. 
  • You can negotiate PTO, Maternity leave, etc. But also look at it as a learning opportunity. Ask your manager, “Can I do more to increase my chances of getting a raise next quarter?” and take heed to what they say. It shows you are interested in advancing your career. 


    Still aren’t convinced to go for that raise? Let’s get started!! T. Lassiter Services not only provides resume writing services. We also specialize in career and interview coaching. We brainstorm and figure out your best approach to asking for a raise or if you should start applying to other positions. Add Interview Preparation Option #1 or #2 to your cart from the services tab. Let’s get started!!

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