How To Ensure Your Resume Is Chosen For The Job You Desire by Tyrina Lassiter

So you’re searching on LinkedIn or Indeed for a new job, and there it is!! The job opening of your dreams! Here’s your chance to apply…but…you need to update your resume. Oh no! You haven’t updated your resume in years. What are the resume rules now in 2022? Where do I start? Yikes!

You go online and google “How to write a resume,” and you see a term called “ATS,” which means “Applicant Tracking System,” which is software that is used to quickly determine if an applicant is qualified for a job opening. You say to yourself. “This is what I need to write my resume” But where do you begin, you ask? Check out these steps below to get started:

Step one: Use the chronological format. A resume written in chronological order meaning your most recent job is listed first, is the format that’s picked up by the ATS software. It’s an organized way to list your work experience.

Step two: Name your sections plain and accurate. Use “Work Experience” and “Core Competencies” as headers. Do not use fancy wording like “Why this job is for me” or “What I’m good at” for section headers. The ATS system won’t recognize it. 

Step three: Use words from the job description. By reviewing the job description of the job you want to apply for, you can put those keywords in your resume, job task listing, or cover letter. But don't just copy and paste the words anywhere. It has to make sense within the content of your job tasks. 

For example: On a recent resume I created for a client, the job requirements were “Excellent relationship building and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact comfortably and effectively with internal and external clients” The words and terms I used on their resume and cover letter were:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effectively communicates with...
  • Relationship building techniques...
  • Work comfortably in every setting

Step four: Use a template that is ATS-friendly. It's nice to use shaded boxes and line breaks but ensure that whatever you use on your resume will get past the ATS software. Don’t make it difficult. Hire a resume writer like me to create the best professional template for you!

Step five: Use a basic font. You want your resume to be easily read, right? Don’t use fancy fonts. Go with the usual times new roman, Calibri, or Arial font. 

Step six: Save your resume in the correct format. The best format that is universal for most systems is PDF. Saving and sending in pdf also ensures your formatting won't change once the person opens it for review. Also, save it with a title and your name, not "Name_resume_2022".

Follow these steps to ensure the ATS software won’t eliminate your resume from being considered for the job you want!

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Let’s get you ready to land that job you desire!

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