Shifting Your Career Vision in 2022

Many working professionals get to a point in their career when they feel that want to shift into doing something else. But the issue is job hunting can be very draining, tiresome, and frustrating. Especially when you know you know you are qualified for the positions you have been applying to. But it's not just about the fact that you are qualified for the job. It's about asking yourself “Is the job I shift into the right fit for my lifestyle?”

That could mean the salary, it can mean the hours, or it can mean the flexibility of the job. I recently asked a question on my Facebook page asking “What is the most difficult aspect of finding a job when you want to make a shift in your career”  

We are going to dive into what some of the comments said. I got some really good feedback:

“Finding a job that will pay you what you are worth”  

Most of my clients have shared with me that it's not hard finding a job but it's hard finding a job that pays well for your skillset level. This can be very difficult because depending on what field you are in, it may not have the ability to pay you the salary you need. So what do you do in that case? As I continued this conversation with him he said they had to make a career shift. Which is what I would have advised any client to do. 

If you have been in an industry for some time, there is a point where your salary could be at its cap salary right? You would need to update your resume and shift those skills you already have into a different career.  We would first come up with a career plan and hone in on what your interests are and what you see yourself doing for maybe the rest of your life. 

In this case, searching for a job online can be stressful. So it's important to update your resume to reflect the career shift first, then maybe reach out to a staffing agency or recruiter so that the stress of job searching isn't on you. Utilize your resources! If you need help connecting with a recruiter please send us a DM. We can help! 

Also, you are never too old to make a shift in your career. I think some people think by a certain age you should be in the career you will retire in. Nope! There's always time to make that shift.

“Finding a job that works with your child's daycare schedule”

This is a really good one! Soooo many people including myself at one point had such a hard time finding a job that I was able to drop my child off at daycare, make it to work on time, then leave work on time to pick them up before the daycare closed. It was very stressful

The advice I would give in this situation is, guess what? It's a candidates market now right? Find a work-from-home job that gives you flexibility. Trust me they are out there. I have been speaking with recruiters and they tell me to send them people because they have so many WFH positions to fill. 

The first step though is ensuring you have a WTH resume. Even if you have never worked remotely, we can turn your current skills into work-from-home skills on your resume. People don't attempt to apply most of the time because they don't have experience working from home but trust me, you will be just fine! Your resume just needs to reflect that you have excellent time and self-management skills 

Work from home or remote positions shot up during and after covid and I know a lot of you are looking for remote work because you rather stay home than have to go into the office during these times. 

I have a video posted on our Instagram business page t_lassterservices that I did a couple of weeks ago discussing what employers look for on resumes for remote positions so please check that out so you can update the resume before applying online. The key to this is making sure the work from home job posting matches your resume. 

“Narrowing down what I love to do”

This person elaborated a little more on what she meant and she said she has a degree and her experience ranges to the point where she had multiple career paths she could take. 

In this instance, we would need to weigh the pros and cons of her work history. I would want to know what job she liked the best and if she saw herself doing that job until retirement. Or what aspects of the job she liked, did it pay well, and could she continue to grow in that industry.

Brainstorming on what job that you love and that has the potential to pay you what you need is crucial. T. Lassiter Services offered career coaching that is perfect for a person that needs to figure out their career path. 

Our career coaching package is a 90-day service that includes:

  • Personality/Passion quiz to help find your true calling 
  • Skill assessment so we can evaluate your skillset
  • Career Strategy (What jobs to apply for, how to apply, etc)
  • Salary Negotiations 
  • Resume Writing, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn
  • Interview Preparation coaching 
  • Post-interview strategy 

    So if you are interested in getting help with figuring out your career path head to the contact us tab and we can set up a meeting via zoom and dig into what path you should take. 

    I hope you enjoyed this blog and hope it will help you in your career journey. Please share this blog with anyone you think could use it. If you want a free resume review, click on the banner on the home page of this website. We can brainstorm on how to make that shift in your career for 2022!

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