3 Jobs That Are On The Rise In 2022

This pandemic shook the world in 2020. It has dramatically affected how we work, where we work, and what jobs are rising in demand. More jobs are being created and are requested in the job market than ever before. Maybe you are thinking of a career change and would like to do something high in demand and salary. Here are 3 jobs that are on the rise in 2022:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Manager
  • A DEI manager ensures that an organization has initiatives and ongoing plans to foster diversity in the workplace and the clients or customers they serve.  Their salary ranges from 60,000 - 145,000. In the wake of systemic racism and the mistreatment of underrepresented groups, this job has been on the rise because organizations want to develop strategies to maximize employee growth and create an understanding on all levels. 

  • Virtual Assistant
  • According to Zip Recruiter, you can make 32 dollars an hour or over 67,000 with a virtual assistant salary. Many businesses have been focusing on their online presence since the start of the pandemic and need help with jobs such as social media manager, bookkeeping, and marketing. Skills required for this are excellent communication, organization, creativity, and typing. 

  •  Vaccine Specialist
  • A vaccine specialist can make anywhere between 53,000 and 106,000 depending on the skillset. They can work in the medical sales or vaccine research and development aspect. With vaccines still being tested and developed, this is a great industry to get into if you already have a medical background. 

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