How Important are Thank-You emails after a Job Interview?

According to a survey by Top Resume, “68% of hiring managers say ungrateful job seekers are jeopardizing their candidacy.”


WOW! Imagine not being considered for a job because you never sent a Thank You email after a job interview?! Something so simple yet so important. Don’t be that person that hurts your chances of getting the job. Here are some tips on sending a Thank you email after a remote or in-person interview:


Timing is Everything!

24 hours is a good rule of thumb to send any Thank you correspondence. In 24 hours, someone can forget how well you did in the interview, so make sure your name stays at the forefront of their minds. Whether remote or In-Person, be sure to take note of everyone’s name in the interview. Maybe asking for their contact info at the end of the interview works best, so you don’t forget.

Keep it short and sweet

There is a simple thank you email formula:

  • Thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity in being considered for the job
  • Tell them your favorite piece of information from the interview
  • Address any concerns or questions you have
  • Reinstate your interest in the position


Restate any concerns the interviewers had in hiring you

If you hired T. Lassiter Services for the interview, this was reviewed, and the answers were practiced for the interview if they came up. There may have been something you needed to further explain in the interview, like gaps on your resume or not being entirely qualified for the position. Just restate what you said during the interview but in short form. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with reminding them why you are perfect for the job. 


Proofread your Thank-You email

This one is simple. Read your email 3-4 times, then use spell check, then read it once more. Simple!


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