How to be confident in an interview by Tyrina Lassiter

Picture this: You have your interview outfit on, nice pair of simple earrings, nice hair, resume updated, and printed out. You’ve practiced your answers and are prepared, and you are doing your happy dance in the mirror.  You are ready to kill this interview! 

You get in front of the computer for your interview, and the interviewer pops on the screen. Your mouth opens to say everything you rehearsed, but all of a sudden, you feel hot, overwhelmed, and nervous. What was supposed to be a knockout of the park becomes a series of mishaps one after the other. You're sinking and sinking fast, but then remember what you learned from the interview preparation session with T. Lassiter Services. Need a reminder? Look at the steps below!


Step one: Just breathe, okay? You don’t want to fidget or look anxious. You may feel this way on the inside but let’s not show it. Breathe, read over your resume. Go into this with an attitude of “I already have this job. I can do this!”

Step Two: Once you have your interviewers in front of you, you want to smile and make eye contact.

Step Three: The interview begins, and they are asking questions...ahhh, lol. It’s ok, just talk slowly because it could seem like you are nervous if you talk too fast. Take time to think about your answer. It’s okay to pause. As you speak, think about stories to tell of your experience at a job, something fun to make them laugh. Share what you learned at your previous or current job if you have one while interviewing for a new job. You can also reference other experiences, maybe with college or school, you attended, as you were learning the skills you have now. There are so many things you can elaborate on about yourself and your experience. 

Step Four: And this, in my opinion, is the most essential part of the interview. When they ask you if you have any questions, please have questions prepared. When you don’t have answers prepared, it’s not a good look at all. They want to know if you did your homework about the position and the organization. An example of a question you would ask that is easy to remember is to ask the interviewers: "How long have you been at the company?". Another question could be: "What are the current goals for the company right now?"

Follow these steps to ensure confidence in your next interview!

Need more help, and you haven’t experienced my interview coaching session? Book an interview preparation session, and we can do this together to boost your confidence! Click on the services tab and add Interview Preparation Option #1 or #2. Let’s get you ready for your next interview to land that job you desire!

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