Skill Vs Will In Your Career

Skill vs. Will, hmmm...

What matters more, skill or will? Should you focus on upskilling in the field you desire to transition to or focus more on your passion and determination?

I recently attended a training called "Asserting yourself," and two of the terms that were mentioned in the training were Skill and Will.

Both of these things matter, right? So can there be an effective way to balance them?

Let's dive into the importance of skill and will in shaping your career and explore how finding the right balance can lead to the desired results.

When referring to skill, it means what core competencies you need or have that show that you are qualified for the role. When listing your skills on your resume, you must showcase them effectively so the employer knows immediately you are capable of the role and are a top candidate. I'm always preaching about being intentional from the top to the bottom of your resume.

Although this is very important, if you don't have the will, for example, to apply to a good amount of job roles, fill out applications, network, etc., those skills won't be given a chance to be elaborated on during a job interview, right?

It's also vital to have the will to add skills to your expertise, especially when transiting careers. 

And then, when you align your passions and skills with your desired career, it makes it all the more worth wild because you genuinely love what you do!

There is no way you can have one without the other. It's great to have all the core competencies needed to transition, but you have to have the will and desire to put the work in to achieve your career goals. 

Having support to balance these is crucial. Lacking one can affect how long it takes you to transition. 

Click here for a free career consultation, and let's discuss how to balance the two. 

- Tyrina 


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